Tech,Computer,Future,Science,News Technology,Headphones,Smartphones,Gadgets,ElectronicsChoosing a tablet can be a complicated task these days. With so many options to choose from it can be frustrating trying to figure out what makes each different. In choosing one for myself I found most information online lacking when it came to everything in one place, so I decided to put something together to make choosing a tablet that is right for you, fairly simple.

I recommend the 7″ sized tablet for most people. These are the most portable, lightweight, and reliable on the market. A 7″ tablet is easy to fit in a woman’s purse, for men to place in some pockets, and hang onto while keeping hold of other important items. The various 9.8″ and above tablet sizes out there work well for some business use, but I find them cumbersome to keep with you most of the time and too heavy for lengthy one-handed use. The information provided here is both basic (for those wishing to find out what this newer technology is all about) and partially advanced.
It’s not a question of which tablet is better. It’s more a question of which is better for you.

The Basics: What is a tablet?
Ever dream of doing your job while laying on a beach or by the pool? A tablet can help you make that dream a reality. Whether its updating spreadsheets quickly and syncing them automatically back at the office, catching up with e-mails, video conferencing, or lazying the day away while solving … Read the rest